Herkess & Partners - Chartered Accountants in Sydney

Herkess & Partners, Chartered Accountants in Sydney, have been providing Taxation, Accounting, Audit and Investment Services to clients in a wide range of Industries and Professions for over 60 years.

Herkess & Partners was an accounting practice founded in Sydney by Albert Agnew before the World Wars. Albert had a strong connection with the racing industry in those days and that can be noticed from the emblem of the practice. James Herkess took over the business in the 1940s and changed its name from Albert Agnew & Company to J Herkess & Partners. The name of the practice was finally amended to Herkess & Partners in the 1980s.

Nowadays, Herkess & Partners is a modern practice at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia offering clients a comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective taxation, investment, accounting and auditing service. We have a wide range of clients covering various industries including manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, information technology, building construction, entertainment, financial services, tourism, etc.

Our network of business contacts, built up over many years, ensures that clients have access to the widest range of professional services possible.